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A Sampaguita Struggle

Chicago Home Theater Festival

May 2015


This Free Air (Regin Igloria with Amy Sinclair) performance took place in a West Loop loft during the 2015 Chicago Home Theater Festival.


Guests were welcomed to the space in the hallway of the apartment, with hot towels offered as a way to cleanse and refresh oneself before entering the performance space.


For the performance, a pedestal with a Sampaguita (jasmine) plant was rolled out, wherein several branches were tied to the fingers of Amy's hands. As she gently lifted the plant out of the soil, Regin pulled the plant back in place, resulting in an escalated struggle that transpired over the course of several minutes. When the plant was completely pulled out of the pedestal and carried away, the floor was swept and the pedestal was rolled out of sight.


At the end of the evenings' performances, mints were offered to guests as they left the building.

Documentation by Laura Mitchell Film Services

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