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The Puijo Hill 3-Day is a durational performance that uses walking as a means to explore one's connection to others. Based on athletic events organized to raise funds, develop awareness, and bring people together, the work asks others to participate in a group activity which defines its cause individually and personally. Participants are encouraged to have friends and family join them for the event.

The artist took on the task of hiking up and down a hill that runs along Puijo Ridge, the famous landmark of Kuopio, Finland, in early fall 2009. Over the course of three days at the ANTI Contemporary Arts Festival, others joined him on his walk, registering for the event at his base camp, while "at-home" participants determined a route and setting of their own. By the end of the third day and the end of the festival, he had summitted the hill thirty times.


Interested participants may continue to collaborate in this performance by requesting a bib number and sending photo documentation of themselves on their hike. Please contact the artist using the contact page for more information.

The Puijo Hill 3-Day

2009 Kuopio, Finland

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