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Reedsburg Town & Country Hike

Reedsburg, WI

September 2005

During a month-long residency at the Wormfarm Institute in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, every evening was spent in a tent set up on the hillside of a sheep-grazing field. Before retiring for the night, he wrote down thoughts and daily events on a legal pad, collecting text which would eventually be used in his Tent Text book series. The evenings spent writing in the tent began plans for a continued series of hikes which would offer the artist opportunities to travel to various locations, make books, and acquire new hiking equipment.

Three months later, he returned to the same farm and began a hike into town. 25 hand-bound books were custom made to fit into each compartment of a backpack, which was carried approximately five miles from the site of the tent to the gallery in Reedsburg. The hike took approximately an hour and a half.

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