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At the End of the Day

Evanston to Chicago, IL

​April 23, 2015


To coincide with the Association of Asian American Studies Conference held at The Hilton Orrington, Evanston, IL, Igloria performed a traveling piece as part of the group exhibition, Work Werq, co-curated by Jacqueline Chao and Aram Han-Sifuentes.


The performance began in front of The Hilton Orrington, drawing attendees of the conference to participate by assisting in carrying sandbags to the Uptown venue where the performance would continue. The majority of the sandbags were carried in a makeshift laundry cart made of repurposed lumber, conduit piping, casters, and construction fencing. With the help of assistants, the cart and sandbags were carried and pushed onto the El platform and brought to the exhibition venue.


Upon arrival to the FLATSstudio, the bags were placed onto a platform with the help of the audience. Igloria sorted and organized the bags as others assisted in placing the remaining bags randomly onto the platform. In exchange for their work, participants were offered a small booklet. The performance ended with the sweeping of spilled sand into a small pile, which was eventually sifted into one remaining sandbag and carried away inside the cart.






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