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If I Could Bring You Things You Never Had

Chicago to Urbana, IL

​September 18-21, 2015  (INCOMPLETE)


This performance began as a walk and continued as a site-specific drawing session. The artist pushed a custom-made cart from Chicago to Urbana, where he set up camp in the Outhaus, a backyard exhibition venue, and continued to perform an elaborate series of drawings done within a volume of hand-made books. The performance would consist of the walk to the Outhaus, a full day of performing inside the space, and include the walk back to Chicago. The Outhaus is being used as a solitary venue to perform where the audience may experience or view the piece while the artist is present and drawing.

The pushcart was constructed from a refurbished bicycle trailer and modified to support a lightweight and waterproof plastic shell. The cart holds a set of handmade books, a compartment for ink and brush supplies, a small storage unit for food, water, and other gear for the hike to Urbana.

The course began at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, moved through the city onto County Road 241, onto Kankakee and continued onto Route 45 to Champaign-Urbana. Rain delays, mechanical issues, and inconsistent pacing cut the walk short, ending in Danforth, IL.  


An early morning "rescue" by car allowed the project to continue as a drawing performance. Upon arriving at the Outhaus, the cart was readjusted to serve as a makeshift drawing table. An extended drawing session involving traditional and non-traditional brush and ink methods took place for the remaining part of the day. Each book was laid out in the perimeter of the room and opened to two flat pages, whereupon the drawing commenced. The circle, or "track" of books were drawn in order through subsequent laps. Twenty-one (21) 9” x 12” books were brought on the trip, each containing 128 pages.


Read an article on the project here.








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