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We Are Your Biggest Fans

DFBRL8R Gallery, Rapid Pulse Festival, Chicago, IL

June 3, 2016​


Free Air (Amy Sinclair and Regin Igloria) performed in Dfbrl8r's Window Gallery as part of 2016 Rapid Pulse International Performance Festival.

Throughout the 3.5 hour performance, Free Air painted each other's nails, covered exposed skin in a layer of gold using the cloth of a t-shirt, and took turns trimming an entire spool of gold ribbon in front of running fans. Attempts to catch the drifting confetti pieces resulted in a collected pile of gold shards.

As a finale, the two spent several minutes cheering on the pedestal of gold with yelling, shouting, and the pounding of surfaces. The pile was then gathered closely in their hands and carried slowly towards one of the fans, whereupon it was released into the blowing air and left to scatter gently throughout the gallery floor.

Documentation by Laura Mitchell Film Services

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