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Monday Night Meeting at Surge

As introverted as I am, I've always been an advocate for regular conversations with others who encourage you to get out when you'd rather stay home. I'm heeding Des Linden's ongoing ad campaign with Brooks, "Keep showing up," and while it's not the first time I've considered this, I am more than ever trying to instill it with others, especially my students. Being physically present, whether at a social gathering, club meeting, team practice, etc. is the only guarantee that anything will happen, including feeling better. Once you are out the door, you are halfway through. You, too can be successful. Yeah. "Just do it," doing it. I leave it to corporate America to make me feel inadequate. I caught up with my friend Carlos, who I met during HPAC's Center Program many years ago. He now occupies a former shared studio space of mine at the Cornelia Arts Building and reached out to me in the morning.

I ran to meet him at Surge Coffee Bar & Billiards, this newish place on Montrose, about 1.4 miles away. Surge used to be Marie's Golden Cue, a 48 yr.old establishment that had a well-known sign hanging out front that read, "We've got smooth shafts and clean balls." I'd never been inside until it was renovated. I've come to realize how many spots are relatively close to me, and if I were to run to every meeting and appointment, I could save time and add a workout. I rounded my route to a little over 2 miles and had a Jasmine tea while waiting for Carlos to arrive.



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