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Coffee Run to Dollop in Lincoln Square (formerly The Grind)

I ran into a good friend this morning at Dollop. She saw me pass by in front of the windows, and waved at me when I walked in. She was doing some writing--a regular weekend routine of hers--waiting for her husband's rehearsal to finish before heading to church together. This was a pleasant surprise, and a change from my usual solitary state of mind post-run.

Run: 3.14 miles to the cafe (with another 2.4 back home).

Coffee: small regular

Drawing: I spent most of my time catching up with my friend, so did not feel the need to draw much. When she left I moved to the window bar and began a loose interpretation of more small-scale signs to build at a later time. The plan was developed about a year ago: they'd be photographed in various contexts, but almost always indoors, to create a sense of displacement and an opportunity to not have to work so large-scale. I haven't nearly begun to plot out any physical manifestation of them yet.

Drawing didn't go far today. I spent most of my time thinking about our conversation, and the several years when we lived in the same neighborhood (they used to live in the building right on the corner of Wilson and Lincoln Ave). The amount of retracing spaces and places, the sense of deep connection with another couple, the several times they were part of what was so natural. A birthday picnic with sushi, casual dinner parties and political debate nights. You don't realize how much you missed about the company of others. I was sad having to explain my current situation to her.

Maybe I'll ask if their home could be a possible space to photograph one of these pieces I'm building.



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