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New Post-Run Meditation

With weekend Coffee Runs being compromised since March, my morning meditation drawings have shifted into line drawings on 8.5 x 11 sheets of card-stock. Runs are fairly short these days: 2-4 miles, close proximity to home, and a liner brush using ink with a simultaneous cup of tea or coffee. This saves some time and money, so it feels right. After a week or so, I've compiled enough drawings to collage with images of stretching, and sometimes they expand into further drawings directly onto the phone. Flipping, cropping, playing with thick and thin lines.

My only limitation is the edge of the paper, and the direction of my brush (clockwise or counter-clockwise). For me, the drawing exercise is exercise. My concerns range from creating intersecting lines more than twice: do I run in the same place more than twice in one run? Why should I do that in drawing? I do this inevitably in both cases. I find the fading of ink as it slowly transfers from bristle to paper the same as my ability (or willingness) to continue a run. Energy/ink needs to be replenished.



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