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Coffee Run to Wise Cup (Oak Park)

This weekend's long(er) Coffee Run was to Wise Cup, which is about 2.5 miles away from my sister's place in Elmwood Park. I decided to run there in advance of our weekly meetings to discuss North Branch Projects initiatives, almost completing a half marathon in total. I'd get a lift back from my other sister who was driving to meet us there.

The Run: Essentially, my 10.2 mile route took me through Irving Park Road through Central Ave and into Addison, then a straight shot into Oak Park via the same avenue named for it, then west towards the Lake Theater. I hadn't realize the cafe was right next to it. I ran past Gina's old place on Lake Street, the building next to the spot office and near the public library right about at the ten mile mark.

The Coffee: Turtle Mocha (much sweeter of a beverage than I'm used to in the morning)

The Drawing: They had one of those hand washing signs in the bathroom--such great illustrations, especially the portrayal of soap suds. I sketched a few ideas for table top sign boards and heater covers, but not much else. Maybe ten miles is well past the threshold for generating lucid ideas, but it was more like I was feeling rushed to get to my sister's. 9 a.m. came by quickly.



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