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Streak/Draw - 137 days

My running streak has stretched well into the current pandemic. This morning marked 137* days. My routine changed from coffee runs that had me exploring the city, visiting cafes, and people watching to local runs that now take place earlier in the morning. I don't have access to a treadmill so everything has to happen outdoors. I stay within already familiar areas and no longer drive to running destinations.

My practice now takes place within a 2 mile (approximate) radius where I can turn back easily, wearing a mask and/or buff that somewhat compromises my breathing (therefore keeping the strenuous level low), and avoiding people at all costs (I've been crossing the street and give myself at least a 20 ft. distance whenever anyone approaches). I stretch afterwards and cool off, put on the kettle, prep my tea (or coffee on weekends), then get to drawing.

I've come back to sumi ink drawings, using a liner brush as opposed to a bamboo brush (image above is a composite of several pages), then work in my sketchbook, usually as a continuation of the meditation, until I have to start "work." I've been capturing images of my body stretching post-run, partly as an homage to Bob Anderson's book of Stretching that his wife Jean illustrated, but mostly as resource material for collages. I am using images of running and sporting gear similarly to how I've used other outdoor materials. I'm drawn to the obnoxious color choices of equipment, and its relationship to safety and the natural world.

*running at least 1 mile per day



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