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(The Start of) Coffee Run - Damn Fine Coffee Bar

In the middle of this running streak I realized I should explore neighborhoods and change my route as often as possible. Since I've limited my coffee intake to weekends (don't worry, I've included Fridays to give me three days to spend money on warm drinks), I thought I'd run to various cafes around town as a way to explore the options.

I ran the entirety of the 606 Trail for the first time and enjoyed it so much I repeated it the next day, though it was cold and snowy with a miserable head wind on the way back. I had driven to the West end at Ridgeway, and I Googled the nearest cafe which was Damn Fine Coffee Bar.

Day One Run December 29: I think it hit 60 degrees (as in shorts and a singlet)

Day Two Run December 30: Much colder (tights and my winter jacket)

The Drawing: I considered making drawing part of the routine during these Coffee Runs.

The Coffee: Since this is not meant to review coffee, all I will say is I ordered a regular drip and bought a glazed donut to go with it the first day. All very good. I only ate half and offered the rest to my sister when I got home.

I thought about The Coffee Run programming I'd done at the old Cafe Chien in Albany Park for North Branch Projects. When I rented it out, serving drinks was essential to the craft and conversation taking place in the space. Similar to the original North Branch space, there was intention in the tea, but a post-run drink seems even more fitting. No alcohol will be involved because I have never been into the beer/running scene.



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