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Coffee Run - Dark Matter Caravanserai

This Saturday's Coffee Run was to Dark Matter's new Caravanserai, which recently opened in the Avondale neighborhood. It's 2.7 miles away from home, so I figured it could easily turn into a 6 miler in total with a nice Mayan Mocha at the halfway point.

Run: The previous evening had me shoveling around our building with my sister, and the warming temperatures brought forth soggy, slush-filled streets and sidewalks. At 5:45 in the morning, I took advantage of the empty streets and ran on the cleared tire tracks off Avers and the middle of Elston. The drizzle was consistent, but I did not mind.

Coffee: I've never had a traditional Mayan beverage, but this one hit the spot after time spent in the soggy winter air. It had a tinge of spice--a little sweet for my typical morning drink, but

Here's the original article that led me to the cafe: Eater - Chicago

Drawing: Today's napkin sketch brought forth some new ideas for a pulled cart filled with sand, and a new construction that entails casters mounted on arms that extend beyond the frame of the main structure. I didn't delve too deeply, nor did I feel the need to linger at the new cafe. Only two others arrived while I drank my coffee, and the baristas were just friendly enough, so while I didn't note every detail of this place, I know I'll return soon to do so. The atmosphere was empty and I had it all to myself, but I felt the need to just work on the basement studio at headed out after finishing my coffee.

Immediately upon my return and before I could cool off, I changed into shoveling gear (comprised of an old North Face vest given to me by someone after an artists' talk and my new waterproof boots (dominatin' boots as we call them). I was able to clear the newly formed slush quickly like I was using a push broom, only this was cold, heavy sludge. Someone needs to put shoveling as an option on Strava. I didn't think about drawing, but when I was back indoors I filled three pages of my sketchbook with anti-Capitalism rants and ideas for covers of zines. Lots of swearing; plenty of FUCKS and all sorts of shit about complicity. It was only 8 a.m. and I felt I'd accomplished more than ever. Mochas, or this Mayan drink, is excellent for that. I thought about energy gels and how they are jacked with caffeine, and questioned the health benefits vs. the complications it may cause. I may just resort to this stuff from now on.



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